Media Queries & Internet Explorer

In the newly launched redesign of the RevSystems, Inc agency site, I came across a few quirks with media queries that everyone should be aware of. 

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Death to IE 6 & 7 !

Today we are sharing our plan to automatically upgrade Windows customers to the latest version of Internet Explorer available for their PC.”

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RevSponsive Design

We recently launched a redesign of the RevSystems agency website. The new site is completely responsive.

I wrote a quick blog post about the process and why it was worth it to restart a project 50% of the way through to take it responsive.

CSS User Agent

CSS User Agent is an absolutely phenomenal script that has made its way into my standard project starter.

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I love PIE. Especially when it helps IE 6+ support CSS3.

One of the major issues with using CSS3 today is cross browser support. Internet Explorer is still the diamond in the rough (wishful thinking) and, with the exception of IE9, cannot render many CSS3 effects. 

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CSS 3 Radial Gradients

We all know that CSS3 is growing wildly, and we all know that we can apply gradients to elements.

But, as of a week or two ago, Radial Gradients began making their rounds on the twitterweb.

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Ma! Trices!

Playing WIth Matrices is a css project by Peter Nederlof that combines the fun loving “stretch this box until it looks absolutely atrocious” method with

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CSS3 Generator with IE7 Support

CSS3 Generator, the self-proclaimed “No 1 Generator on the web”, is another great tool for people that aren’t comfortable with hand-writing css3 yet.

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LayerStyles v0.1

Have you ever wished that Photoshop’s layer styles palette could output your perfected styles straight to code?

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Border Radius

CSS 3’s border radius property is an invaluable tool for web designers. Rather than outputting more images in your layouts, you can create a div with the border radius property to round the corners and therefore be completely flexible.

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Did you know…

…HTML5 doesn’t enforce the same syntax that started with XML 1.0? 

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